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Cabin charter sailing holidays

A cabin charter provides a sailing cruise with someone else to handle the sailing; excellent if you want to try sailing or don’t have sailing qualifications.

The itinerary is designed with easy shorter sailing distances to provide you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sun.

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Cabin charter sailing holidays

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A cabin charter is an excellent option for singles or couples who would like to enjoy a sailing holiday, but maybe don’t have the sailing qualifications, time to learn to sail or simply don’t want to spend as much as the cost of chartering a yacht to themselves. Cabin chater is also an ideal option for anyone just wishing to try-out a sailing holiday to see whether they enjoy sailing.

With a cabin chater you usually book anything from a single cabin (two berths) to the entire yacht, and the good news is that if you can get a group of friends together, you all benefit from an increasingly lower price each for your sailing holiday the larger group you can assemble.

If you don’t have a group of friends who all want to come sailing, then a cabin charter is a great way to meet and make new freinds, all of whom are of course also interested in sailing. After a week together you might find youself making some life-long friends.

You sail under the guidance of a skipper who is responsible for the yacht and your safety. Cabin charter is excellent if you want to enjoy the sun, not worry about managing the yacht, but are interested in ‘helping out’ with the sailing.

How Cabin Charter sailing holidays work

A traditional fruit caique in Aegina harbour, one of the many sights you may see during your cabin charter sailing holiday with Greek Sails

Cabin charter sailing holidays have all the advantages of a skippered yacht charter; safety & yacht management and the benefits of the skipper’s sailing experience, familiarity with the yacht and extensive local knowledge, however, you only book a cabin, not charter the entire yacht...well, not unless you have a group of friends and choose to fill a yacht!

The itinerary - where you sail to - is flexible and naturally the crew can discuss their preferences, although ultimately the skipper must have the final word based on time, weather and the crew’s experience. Remember too; your route may alter during the week based on the weather or other conditions, although the skipper will always be happy to discuss and explain any changes with you.

A kitty system is usually the best option to cover the cost of food and drink eaten aboard and all crew are expected to participate in preparing food, although this is usually limited to snacks and light lunches. All crew members are also required to assist in keeping the yacht clean and tidy.

Evening meals are usually eaten ashore although you may cook aboard if you wish. Where you eat is your choice, although it’s worth listening to the skipper’s advice which is always based upon quality, location and value and not on kick backs!

Example cabin charter sailing itinerary

Each sailing holiday is a week-long cruise and is designed to be a holiday. Our cabin charters will cruise around either the Saronic Gulf to the north of Poros, or the beautiful and quiet Argolic Gulf to our south west. Our ‘sailing area’ and ‘location album’ pages give some ideas on the places you may visit.

Example Cabin Charter Cruise
Sat Arrive in Poros (see ‘Travelling to Greek Sails’)
Sun Depart Poros to Ermioni, a lovely harbour to the south west of Poros
Mon Depart Ermioni to Tiros, a delightful small quiet harbour of fishing boats and tavernas
Tue Depart Tiros to Navplion, with its unmissable old town of neo-classical buildings and the huge Venetian Citadel of the Palamidi above
Wed Depart Navplion for Plaka (Leonídhion Plaka), considered one of the lovliest places in Greek waters
Thu Depart Plaka for Hydra, also considered one of the most beautiful ports in Greece with old merchants’ houses nestling around the harbour
Fri Depart Hydra for your return to Poros and a final evening meal in one of the many tavernas lining the Poros quayside
Sat Depart Poros to return to the real world

Pricing for cabin charter sailing holidays

Pricing for our cabin charter sailing holidays can be found in Table 5 on the ‘Sailing holiday, charter & learn to sail prices’ page.

Enjoy a cabin charter sailing holiday; relax and make new friends

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A crew endure the hard life of cabin charter yacht cruising with Greek Sails
A crew endure the hard life of cabin charter sailing holiday with Greek Sails
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