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Sailing holiday location albums

Welcome to our collection of sailing holiday location photograph albums.

We hope that these photographs and short notes may help give you some inspiration on where to visit during any sailing holiday you may be planning.

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Sailing holiday location photograph albums

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One issue with regular travel guides is they are invariably aimed towards ‘regular’ travellers who use car, bus or train to get about. They rarely consider people travelling by boat and so it can often be difficult to work out whether any of the places mentioned would be practicable to visit during a sailing holiday. Additionally due to production costs, these guides are often ‘heavy’ on words and ‘light’ on colour photographs.

So in these albums we hope to do things differently and present pictorial travel guides of places you can visit easily during your sailing holiday with us. The emphasis is to let the photographs do the talking with only a little narrative to help explain things and put the photographs in context.

A little inspiration

We hope we can provide you a little inspiration of places you might like to plan to visit on a sailing holiday with us. All places mentioned should be within the scope of a two week trip.

Please note our flotilla cruises do not necessarily visit all these places mentioned.

Think we’ve missed something?

These albums will be extended over time, but if you think we have missed a particularly good location or you have photographs and content you’d like to contribute, please contact us using our general enquiry form. We’d love to hear from you!

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