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Sailing the eastern Peloponnese coast

Welcome to our sailing area in the eastern Peloponnese, lying to the south west of Poros and east of the Peloponnese.

This area arguably includes our most beautiful and quietest anchorages as well as the stunning monolithic rock of Monemvasia, the ‘Gibraltar of the East’.

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Sailing the Peloponnese south west of Poros

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The eastern Peloponnese coast south west of Poros is a spectacular mountainous wall stretching south south east from Astros to the towering Cape Malea. It is rugged, wild and sparsely inhabited, with only seven small harbours in sixty miles of coast. Down here, in the provinces of Arcadia and Lakonia you see the same untouched scenery as Odysseus.

The sailing area

Map of the Argolic Gulf & Eastern Peloponnese sailing area west of Greek Sails’ yacht base in Poros showing the nominal route of the Greek Sails two-week Eastern Peloponnese flotilla sailing holiday route.
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The sailing area of the eastern Peloponnese described here extends from the southern end of the Argolic Gulf down to the south western tip of the Peloponnese at Cape Malea and on around to the island of Elafonisos and south to the island of Kíthera. This is a slightly artificial division, but we have to describe it some way!

Our Eastern Peloponnese two-week flotilla sails much of this region as well as the Argolic Gulf area, so if you are considering this flotilla it is worth reading the details for both areas.

The winds & sailing

The eastern Peloponnese sailing area includes the Argolic Gulf to the north and extends down the eastern shore of the Peloponnese to Cape Malea in the far south.

The northern part of the sailing area is therefore the Argolic Gulf which is well protected from the summer ‘Meltemi’ wind that blows from the north/north easterly (see ‘Sailing in the Argolic Gulf’).

As you head south towards Monemvasia, so you gradually leave the shelter of the Argolic Gulf and enter the more exposed south eastern Peloponnese which can experience more of the ‘Meltemi’ wind. That said, it's also possible to sail (well, motor!) to Monemvasia in a flat calm, so it is more a case that if the ‘Meltemi’ blows, then you can be more exposed, but by heading north again you can tuck back into the shelter of the Argolic Gulf, Hydra and Spetses.

Ports & places of interest

The eastern Peloponnese coast is a place of quiet unspoilt villages and anchorages. You will find waterside tavernas but you will be well away from large towns and the noise of all-nights bars and discos. If you look for peace and natural beauty, this is the area for you.

Please note that waypoints are provided for identification purposes only and represent good ‘stand-off’ locations. However, they are not intended to be used for navigation.

Tiros (Tíros / Tyros)37° 14’.72N 22° 52’.10E (WGS84)

This has become a new stop since the mole has been extended providing good shelter. It is worth the visit for the friendly restaurants and the charming village on the hill.

Sambatiki37° 11’.32N 22° 54’.45E (WGS84)

Real waterside eating in Sabatiki as tables are laid out on the beach at the end of the day

A new baby harbour with limited facilities, but peaceful and useful in high season when other harbours are full.

Taverna choice is very limited, but the food is simple and wholesome. Tables are laid out after sunset quite literally on the beach!

Plaka (Leonídhion Plaka)37° 08’.68N 22° 53’.60E (WGS84)

This is a must; Plaka harbour is situated under impressive rocky slopes and boasts a mile long beach with tavernas selling dishes sourced from the local market gardens.

It is the port for Leonidhion which is situated four kilometres inland on the floor of the valley and is the capital of the region.

Leonidhion is an untouched Arcadian town and worth a visit to see the beautiful traditional stone houses and the spectacular landscape that surrounds it. Nearby is the spectacular convent of Mount Elonis.

Leonidhion Plaka counts as one of Rob Heikell’s top six favourite spots in Greece (Sailing Today, issue 136, August 2008).

Leonidhion Plaka harbour, a regular stop on Greek Sails flotilla holidays

Kiparissi (Kiparíssi)36° 58’.60N 23° 00’.30E (WGS84)

Kiparissi is situated in a spectacular bay surrounded by steep mountains that provide good sheltered mooring from all but north easterly winds. There are three quays; town quay, chapel cove and the north west quay, each appropriate for sheltering from a different wind direction.

The village has several tavernas and basic provisions can be found.

Between Kipirissi and Yerakas there are some wonderful anchorages providing the weather is calm.

A bareboat charter yacht sits peacefully in Chapel Cover on the south east of the Kiparissi bay, Peloponnese, Greece

Yerakas (Yérakas / Ieraka)36° 47’.35N 23° 05’.61E (WGS84)

Yerakas is something really different; a totally protected fjord opening out into a (very) shallow inland salt water lagoon. It is an enchanting little place with a couple of excellent tavernas along the water’s edge.

There is a small shop under one of the tavernas. It has limited opening hours and even more limited stock, but does sell Kojac lollipops!

On the northern point of the entrance are the ruins of an acropolis dating from Mycenaean times which sit above ÁK Kástro (Castle Point).

The idyllic inlet of Yerakas

Monemvasia (Monemvasía)36° 40’.90N 23° 03’.30E (WGS84)

The narrow and picturesque lanes of Monemvasia are an enchanting place to wander around, taking you back hundreds of years

Monemvasia is unique and should be visited at all costs. It will leave you remembering it as one of the most impressive places you have ever visited. Leave a day for exploration and relaxing in the excellent restaurants and wandering the streets and shops.

The colossal rock has the remains of a Byzantine town spread across the top and a medieval village tucked onto its southern side. To enter the village is to take a step back in time. A causeway joins it to the mainland town of Yefira where the harbour is situated.

Looking down from the Byzantine town at the medieval citadel, Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Cape Malea (Ák Maléas)36° 28’.00N 22° 57’.60E (WGS84)

It is a considerable distance from Monemvasia to the next stopping points of Elafonisos or the harbours of Kithera. Cape Malea and the Kithera-Elafonisos strait have a reputation for strong winds and confused seas making it difficult to return north. If you intend to visit these two islands, make sure you have ample time to return and check the weather forecast before putting to sea.

About these notes

These notes are a general guide and appetiser to this sailing area. For more in-depth information we strongly advise you consult the ‘Greek Waters Pilot’ and ‘West Aegean’ pilot guides by Rod Heikell. These unique publications are available from Amazon and are indispensable for those wishing to get the best from sailing these waters. Greek Sails do provide crews copies of these guides, but if you want to consider and pre-plan your route you may wish to purchase copies before you arrive.

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The monestery and chapel of Agia Irini (St. Irene), Cape Maleas, Peloponnese, Greece
The medieval town of Monemvasia hugs the rock, Monemvasis, Peloponnese, Greece
Gated entrance to the medieval town of Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece
The sun getting ready to rise over the Argolic Gulf, viewed from Kiparissi, Peloponnese, Greece
A chapel build into a small rock cave above Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece
A tavera just above the village mole, Kiparissi, Peloponnese, Greece
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