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Previous newsletters

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  1. September 2016
    1. Visit us at the Nieuwpoort International Boat Show
    2. Join us for the ‘other’ Round the Island race
    3. Introducing the new Sun Odyssey 389 yacht
  2. April 2016
    1. New yachts for 2016
    2. TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for 2015
    3. Sailing School
    4. New Greek Sails office
    5. The migrant crisis and your holiday
  3. We are at the Belgian Boat Show 2016
    1. Visit us at the Belgian Boat Show
  4. Happy Christmas from Poros 2015
    1. A very Merry Christmas from everyone at Greek Sails
  5. We are at the Belgian Boat Show 2015
    1. Visit us at the Belgian Boat Show
  6. Happy Christmas from Poros 2014
    1. A very Merry Christmas from everyone at Greek Sails
  7. February 2014
    1. Greek Sails are on TripAdvisor and voted 5 out of 5 “Excellent”
    2. A new Jeanneau 439 will be joining the fleet in June
    3. Book early and sail out of peak season to get the best airfares
    4. See you at the Belgian Boat Show?
    5. Blessing of the waters – and all Greek Sails yachts
  8. New Year 2013
    1. We are 30!
    2. Vakantiebeurs holiday exhibition, Utrecht
    3. Boot Düsseldorf boat show
    4. Share your sailing holiday discoveries
    5. RYA First Aid course
    6. Facebook hints
  9. October 2012
    1. New Chief Sailing Instructor at Poros Yachting Academy
    2. Inspiration for your next holiday
    3. End your sailing season on a high!
    4. CapOkaz Boat Show, Nieuwpoort Belgium
    5. Email hints
  10. June 2012
    1. Welcome to our newsletter
    2. Three news yachts (and video)
    3. Flotilla news
    4. So what’s it really like in Greece
    5. Join us on Facebook
    6. Email hints

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