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Moored yacht and the chapel on Nisos Dhaskalia, Poros
A very happy & properous 2013 from everyone at Greek Sails

February 2014

Well 2013 was a very busy year for us, so busy in fact that we didn’t even get time to send any newsletters! So here we are in 2014 already, meaning it’s time to send our best wishes to everyone for a Happy & Prosperous 2014.

Topics in this newsletter:

With best wishes from
With best wishes from the Greek Sails team

Greek Sails are on TripAdvisor Greek Sails are now on TripAdvisor

Greek Sails is now listed on TripAdvisor and 14 customers have been kind enough to leave reviews. Even better, all have voted us ‘5 out of 5’ which is an “Excellent” rating.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed such wonderful reviews. We really appreciate you taking the time and for such great comments as;

  • “Sailing perfection”
  • “Amazing company”
  • “This would be difficult to beat”
  • “Best Yacht charter in Greece...”
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Greek Sails are on TripAdvisor

New Jeanneau 349 yaht joins the Greek Sails fleet

The new Jeanneau 349 3-cabin yacht Jeanneau have recently launched the new 349 cruising yacht and we’re pleased to have one of the first of this new yacht to arrive in Greece. She will be available for charter from June onwards.

The 349 follows the interior design of the other new generation ‘xx9’ Sun Odyssey yachts (379, 409, 439, 469 & 509) and provides a light and comfortable interior. She will be our shortest 3-cabin yacht, but due to design, more like a 35 or 36i in terms of space.

Click to see details of the new Jeanneau 349 yacht

Book early & sail out of season

Spring in Poros With this being the 1st February, bookings for the coming season are already well underway. With the general economic situation looking better, the airlines seem to be raising prices and so our advice is to book early to secure a cheaper ticket and consider sailing out of the peak summer months.

Spring sailing in Greece is a different experience to the summer as the countryside is much greener and the spring flowers are in bloom.

You could also join us for Greek Easter which is a large celebration in the Greek Orthodox church and more like the Christmas celebrations in north western Europe.

We have assembled links to a number of flight search websites, so maybe check out fares now...and the page is useful for finding flights to anywhere, so maybe bookmark the page to help you with other trips.

Click to visit the Greek Sails flight search links page

Greek Sails are at the Belgian Boat Show

Spring flowers in Greece Greek Sails will be attending the Belgian Boat Show at the Flanders Expo, Gent.

Come and visit Cecile on stand 5223 in Hall 5 one of the show days; 8, 9 & 10-Feb and 14, 15 & 16-Feb. Friday 14-Feb – Valentines’ Day – is late night opening and you can even enjoy a glass of Greek wine with Cecile and Daisy. Now that’s not an offer you get every day!

If you’d like to visit, you can save yourself €20 with complimentary entry from Greek Sails, giving two people free entry. Simply download and print an entry form from Greek Sails. More details on the show dates and location at the Belgian Boat Show website.

Click to download the boat show entry form

Benediction of the Waters

Benediction of the Waters, Poros, January 2014 An old custom in Greece is the ‘Blessing of the Waters’ on the 6th January.

This tradition was to ward off any bad spirits and following the blessing, the locals would sprinkle the blessed water on their homes, animals and even each other!

This January was no different, and as in previous years, each of the Greek Sails yachts was also blessed, thereby assuring you of plain sailing and no ‘bad spirits’ during your holiday. You see, we try to think of everything!

Greek Sails sailing holidays, Poros
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