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Sailing holidays & yacht charter in Greece

We offer all types of sailing holidays; flotilla holidays, bareboat, skippered, assisted, cabin yacht charter & adventure sailing, all from you base in Poros, Greece.

We also offer learn-to-sail holidays via our RYA-recognised sailing school.

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Sailing holidays and yacht charter in Greece

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A sailing yacht sits at anchors in Monastery Bay, to the east of Poros, Greece

In Greece’s most diverse sailing ground, on the western edge of the Aegean Sea, lies the beautiful island of Poros (Nísos Póros). Strategically located, it offers the ideal starting point for any type of sailing holiday.

Poros is home to the Greek Sails fleet. Flotilla holidays, bareboat and skippered yacht charter and learn-to-sail sailing holidays are all on offer from the Greek Sails base.

Flotilla sailing holidays

From Poros, Greek Sails offers a choice of three flotilla sailing routes; one sails north into the Saronic Gulf, another west into the Argolic Gulf and a two-week flotilla that cruises the east coast of the Peloponnese and Argolic Gulf.

Sailing in a flotilla holiday group gives you both the support of a lead yacht and also introduces you to new friends; often important if you are sailing with younger children who can meet up and make friends during the sailing holiday.

Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat yacht charter offers you the freedom to sail where and when you wish with you in complete command of the yacht.

Starting your yacht charter from Poros gives you easy access to a large choice of sailing areas; the Saronic Gulf, the Argolic Gulf, the eastern Peloponnese and the Cyclades islands.

Skippered & Assisted bareboat yacht charter

Have one of our experienced skippers be responsible for the yacht (skippered yacht charter), or simply aboard with you to help, with you acting as skipper (assisted yacht charter). This may help you if you are short-handed for crew or feeling a little rusty about your sailing experience. Either way you will get more from your sailing holiday in the area.

Cabin charter & adventure sailing holidays

With cabin charter, you join a yacht with other ‘cabin charterers’ and sail together under the guidance of a skipper. This both provides a sailing holiday at a more manageable cost plus the opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

Sail and Stay sailing holidays

Combining a week of sailing holiday with a week of relaxing or exploring Poros and the nearby Peloponnese mainland is an excellent option for the mixed preference holiday group. It allows you to visit some of the wonderful ancient sites in the area and make the most of your holiday in Greece.

Accommodation on the island of Poros in one of the hotels, self-catering studios/rooms/apartments can be combined with a learn-to-sail theory course, so you might complete your Day Skipper theory one week while staying ashore, followed by you completing your Day Skipper practical the following week afloat.

Whatver works for you, sailing first and then a week ashore or the other way around, you can combine a stay with any of our sailing holiday options; flotilla, bareboat charter, cabin cruise or adventure sailing; the choice is yours.

Top Greek sailing

The happiest holiday is a sailing holiday!

With more than 30 years of experience providing sailing holidays, we believe we can provide you the sailing holiday of a lifetime; one you will recount to all your friends.

We are able to provide a wide range of sailing holiday options, and as a small family-run company, can adapt to our customer’s specific requirements; we’re not tied to only providing pre-defined sailing holiday packages.

The four sailing areas next to us the Saronic & Argolic gulfs, eastern Peloponnese and the Cyclades islands, give a wide choice of sailing conditions from the sheltered gulfs to the more open islands. Sailing to suit all sailors; it’s your choice.

Learn to sail holidays; RYA practical sail training course

Our sailing school, Poros Yachting Academy, is an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognised training centre. The sailing courses we offer are for all levels of sailing experience, from the novice to those seeking to achieve higher sailing qualifications. The practical sailing courses we offer are: Poros Yachting Academy, Greek Sails’ sailing school, is an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognised training centre

For those looking to refresh their sailing skills or who are sailing in the area for the first time, our Pre-flotilla courses (non-RYA) are tailored to their individual needs.

RYA theory/shorebased sail training courses

In addition to providing ‘hands-on’ RYA practical courses we also offer a range of RYA theory courses:

Better Aegean access

Sail from Poros with Greek Sails; spare yourself the nightmare of starting your sailing holiday from one of Athens’ noisy coastal ports such as Kalamaki or Lavrio. Start your holiday the moment you step off the ferry, not the next day.

Enjoy the beginning and end of your holiday by wandering the quayside restaurants & bars of Poros or shopping in the winding streets. You even save yourself the long beat back to base against the Meltemi.

Whichever way you look at it, Poros is well worth the extra hour of travel to make the most from your sailing holiday and experience the best sailing in Greece.

Customer reviews

The real proof of how good a holiday can be comes from what real customers say, and so we are pleased to ‘share’ some reviews of sailing holidays with us provided by customers on TripAdvisor. While we do only have six reviews at the time of writing, all six reviews do give us a ‘5 out of 5 excellent’ rating. You can read the reviews in full on our ‘Customer reviews’ page.

A Greek Sails Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32i and 35 sail away during a flotilla sailing holiday

Send an enquiry about yacht charter, bareboat, flotilla or other sailing sailing holiday options in Greece with Greek Sails

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All the family can get involved and enjoy a flotilla holiday around the Greeks islands with Greek Sails
All the family can get involved and enjoy a flotilla holiday
Enjoy stunning sunsets and scenery as you enjoy your flotilla holiday or bareboat yacht charter around the Greeks islands with Greek Sails
Stunning sunsets...
Discover beautiful deserted beaches as you explore the Greeks islands on a bareboat yacht charter with Greek Sails
Discover beautiful deserted beaches as you explore the Greeks islands with Greek Sails
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