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Non-RYA practical sailing courses

Greek Sails & our sister company Poros Yachting Academy run practical RYA sail training courses up to Yachtmaster preparation.

We typically spread our 5 day courses over 6 days, allowing you more time and the opportunity to enjoy the sun & location while you also learn.

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Non-RYA practical sail training courses

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Poros Yachting Academy offer a range of non-RYA sail training courses designed for those looking to refresh their sailing skills or whose primary goal is to be able to skipper their own yacht as a part of a flotilla. These non-RYA sailing trips also include mile-building cruises, important for anyone building mileage towards Yachtmaster qualification or simply wanting to gain sea-time and build their experience.

Experience Yachting (6 days)

This is not a course. We are simply offering you a berth on the training yacht when we are running courses on that vessel. It gives you the opportunity to experience the sailing life and see Greece from the sea.

You will not be obliged to participate in the sailing of the yacht (although you may need to ‘hold a rope’ occasionally). However, you will be asked to do your share of the domestic or housekeeping duties preparing meals, etc.

If you are an experienced sailor, you can use the six days as an opportunity to do some mile building as a crew member on a training yacht. You also have the option to upgrade to the RYA Competent Crew course if you let your instructor know early in the week.

Experience Yachting details
Previous experience required: None
Duration of course: 6 days
Recommended reading: RYA Competent crew handbook (ref CCPCN)

Pre-flotilla sail training courses

Our Pre-flotilla sail training courses are designed to give you the skills you need to join a flotilla and to enjoy a safe and fun flotilla sailing holiday.

Greek Sails offer two pre-flotilla sail training courses:

  • A 3-day course for those who just need to refresh their knowledge
  • A 6-day course for those with limited prior knowledge & experience

Pre-flotilla 3-day sail training course

The course includes:

  • Basic boat handling under power
  • Anchoring & “Mediterranean” mooring
  • Sail handling
  • Basic navigation
  • Safety on board
  • Plus, any specific area of sailing where you need additional training

This course is run on a boat that has been chartered by you for a flotilla holiday. Typically you complete the course while following the route of the flotilla. This allows you to participate in the flotilla social activities, however, if you prefer we can do the training “out of sight” of the other flotilla yachts.

If during the 3 days your instructor and the flotilla skipper, in discussion with you, agree that you need extra tuition, PYA will endeavour to make an instructor available, preferably the same one that you have started the course with, so that you can continue to ‘hone’ your developing sailing skills.

Pre-flotilla 3-day sail training course
Previous experience required: Previous flotilla or yacht sailing experience
Duration of course: 3 days
Recommended reading:

Pre-flotilla 6-day sail training course

The course covers more ground than the 3-day course and includes:

  • Learning the parts of a sailing yacht
  • Your yacht’s rigging & sails
  • Rope-work including tying various knots
  • Basic sail trim
  • Basic boat handling under power
  • Anchoring & “Mediterranean” mooring
  • Basic navigation
  • Safety on board
  • Basic first aid
  • The use of safety flares
  • Marine radio (VHF)
  • Fire precautions
  • Man overboard recovery

Like the 3-day course, this course is run on the boat that you have chartered for your flotilla holiday and follows the flotilla “route”.

Pre-flotilla 6-day sail training course
Previous experience required: None, but some advisable
Duration of course: 6 days
Recommended reading:

Pre-flotilla refresher sail training course

This sail training course basically covers the same elements as the 6-day pre-flotilla sailing course, but you live aboard the PYA training yacht for the duration of the course. You should already hold an RYA Day skipper, ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or equivalent certificate (or above!). The course is designed for flotilla sailing.

Pre-flotilla refresher sail training course
Previous experience required: RYA Day skipper, ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or equivalent
Duration of course: 3 or 6 days depending upon customer need
Recommended reading: The Complete Day Skipper (Tom Cunliffe)

Mile builder sailing cruises

Join a Poros Yachting Academy (PYA) mile builder sailing cruise and gain valuable sailing experience in the Aegean Sunshine!

These mile builder sailing cruises are suitable for clients with RYA Competent Crew or higher qualification, plus sailors without formal qualification but with a reasonable amount of practical sailing experience.

Mile building is important to any student planning to progress to take RYA/MCA examinations for Yachtmaster Coastal (previously known as ‘Coastal Skipper’) or Yachtmaster Offshore certificates of competence (see the following table below). Alternatively you may simply want to experience “longer legs” and more challenging sailing.

RYA/MCA examinations logged mileage requirements
Yachtmaster Coastal (previously known as ‘Coastal Skipper’): 30 days seatime, 2 as skipper, 800 miles, 12 night hours, VHF (restricted) license, First Aid certificate, or if Coastal Skipper practical has been completed, as above except; 20 days seatime, 400 miles
Yachtmaster Offshore: 50 days living on board, 2,500 logged miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles, acting as skipper for at least two of these passages and including two which have involved overnight passages. Five days experience as skipper

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All ages can learn to sail with Greek Sails...although formal qualifications do impose age restrictions
All ages can learn to sail...and our non-formal sail training courses impose few age restrictions!
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