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Preparing for your sail training course

Keen to get started? Can’t wait until you arrive in Poros to start your sail training course? Want to know what you can do before you arrive?

We hope these notes will help you prepare for your sail training course and get the most out of your sail training course.

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Preparing for your sail training course

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If you are keen to get a head start on your sail training course with us you can of course do some preparatory work before you arrive. Generally this isn’t necessary, although in the case of the VHF course prior knowledge of the phonetic alphabet is a real benefit. Excepting this, these notes are really for those who would like to ‘get going’ before they arrive in Poros.

Preparing for practical sail training courses

The most important preparation for one of our practical sail training courses is to ensure you select the right course. Because of this we often discuss customer’s prior experience before confirming them on a course. Yes, the RYA scheme does allow you to simply take a Yachtmaster examination, but that is designed to allow experienced yachtsmen to gain the qualification without needing to pass all the courses that build to this level.

Consult the sailing course structure

We provide information about the structure and progression of RYA sail training courses along with information about the expected level of prior experience. Check this and by all means ask our advice; we are always happy to advise on what course we think would best suit your experience and requirements.

Don’t skip the shorebased theory courses

Some people skip the shorebased theory courses and, say, simply attempt to complete the Day Skipper (practical) course without having completed the corresponding shorebased (theory) course. Our advice would be; Don’t do it. You will have plenty to consider during your practical course without trying to learn the navigation, weather, safety and other theory subjects at the same time.

Reading-up before your course

One of the best preparations for a sail training course is to use your time reading about the subject before you arrive, and so if you’re really keen, you might like to consider Tom Cunliffe’s, The Complete Day Skipper, available from Greek Sails via Amazon. This book covers almost every topic you’ll need on any sail training course, but remember, it’s not compulsory to read it!

Preparing for shorebased theory sail training courses

If you are planning on completing a shorebased theory course with us it is likely you’ll also be staying to complete a practical sailing course afterwards. Consequently one of your best means of preparation is Tom Cunliffe’s, The Complete Day Skipper, available from Greek Sails via Amazon. This book covers navigation, pilotage, weather, passage planning, safety & emergencies and other ‘theory’ topics and so makes a good preparation for both theory and practical sail training courses.

But whatever you do, remember pre-sailing course preparation isn’t essential other than as may be mandated by the course pre-requisite requirements, and the intention of our courses is both for you to both learn and to enjoy your stay with us.

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